About Us

“Two heads are better than one” this is the common saying that we usually hear that relates to brainstorming and creating a wonderful team plan. The saying mainly describes the purpose why Drupal Davao Community is formed , that is to learn from each other , to share and enhance skills through exchanging of ideas based on web development experiences using the CMS and serve as a help group for the newbies in the said tool.

Drupal Davao Community is a group of Drupal users in Davao City. It is composed of members who are willing to share their knowledge about Drupal and to introduce it as an effective tool to create flexible websites in a faster way. It aims to grow the community together with other Drupal enthusiasts and looks forward to meet more IT people who have interest in the said CMS of any level of Drupal knowledge from starters to experts, all are welcome to the group.

Each member of the community is considered as droplet that helps form a big reservoir of Drupal knowledge willing to be imparted to others and aspires in the future to create a big splash of influence in the field of web development in Davao City.